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Cascade Skyline Gondola Project receives Endorsement by Indigenous Tourism BC

Chilliwack, B.C. – The Cascade Skyline Gondola Project (CSGP) received full endorsement by Indigenous Tourism BC today.

Indigenous Tourism of British Columbia (ITBC), has written a letter of full support for the project and its components. Of particular interest is the Sto:lo Interpretive Cultural Centre. The letter is addressed to Minister Katherine Conroy and various other Ministers of the Provincial Government.

Chair of the ITBC Board, Brenda Baptiste wrote, “We understand that CSGP devoted considerable time and energy developing a vision for protecting and restoring the lands of the Chipmunk Creek watershed for sustainable use, integrating cultural and spiritual practices that follow snoweyelh, the laws, values and principles that have been passed down over many generations and are still in use today. Moreover, CSGP has found broad support in the First Nations community and has the Cheam First Nation as a co-proponent and investor in the project”. She goes on to write, “The CSGP represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Indigenous tourism industry in BC. It is a cornerstone of the principles of reconciliation.”

In closing, she states, “We wholeheartedly endorse the Cascade Skyline Gondola Project based on the ecological and cultural benefits that it will bring to the community through sustainable tourism, creating spectacular outdoor experiences for our local communities, the Fraser Valley, the rest of British Columbia and beyond.”

President of CSGP, Jayson Faulkner said, “This is a wonderful expression of support for the vision of the project that we have worked so hard to advance. Our Cheam First Nation partners, and other First Nation partners have guided us in much of what we have done and we hope that this overwhelming support from stakeholders and leaders, will convince the Province to move much more expeditiously in their review.”

The Cascade Skyline Gondola is an eco and cultural tourism project started in 2016 proposed for the Bridal Falls area comprised of a sightseeing gondola accessing up to 1250m in elevation above the spectacular Fraser Valley in the Cascade Mountains of the Chilliwack area. Investment for the project is expected to approach $80 Million. It is a partnership with the Cheam First Nation and other First Nations in the Fraser Valley region.

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