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May 18th, Chilliwack, B.C. – The Cascade Skyline Gondola Project (CSGP) is very pleased to announce that Arthur DeJong, formerly Mountain Planner and Environmental Resource Manager at Whistler Blackcomb, is joining the team to lead the planning efforts with regards to the extraordinary opportunities to create a sustainable eco and cultural tourism amenity project with our multiple First Nation partners.

Arthur has been described as a “Global climate warrior” and in his work he has collaborated with some of the leading world figures in sustainability planning and environmental work. In 2005, The UN and the Global Institute for Ecotourism invited Arthur to consult on a critical mountain project in Europe.

DeJong grew up in a farming background in Abbotsford and Arthur knows the Chilliwack area well. Arthur believes that “Developing nature-based tourism is our greatest opportunity in terms of profitability/diversification for rural communities”.  Under his watch at Whistler Blackcomb, they received 16 national and international awards for their social and environmental performance. Assisting governments, NGO’s and industry throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

Arthur has been a member of the Whistler Alliance for Cultural Tourism, the Habitat Improvement Team, Whistler Bear Working Group and a director at the Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group. Arthur addressed both the U.N. and the World Bank on climate resiliency and mountain environments. Under his guidance, WB developed the Commitment to Zero Strategy which has now been adopted throughout all of Vail Resorts operations.

The opportunity to work with the Cheam First Nation community, the Pelólxw Elders to expand our knowledge and practices with Traditional knowledge of how to heal the land and restore habitat, measure and monitor its health and protection of cultural uses is a foundational principle in the project ”, said Ray Douglas, Cheam Councillor,“Our community is looking forward to sharing this vision and working with Arthur to see what we can accomplish.


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More about The Cascade Skyline Gondola: The Eco-Attraction is an $80M Eco and Cultural tourism project consisting of a sightseeing gondola that will provide easy access in 15 minutes from the Trans Canada Hwy 1 to an elevation of over 1200m (~ 4000 feet) above the Fraser Valley, with spectacular views over the Coast Mountains, the Cascade Mountains, the Fraser River, Harrison Lake, Vancouver and beyond. It consists non-motorized activities including walking, hiking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, and other activities like viewing platforms, Summit Lodge, Sto;lo Cultural Centre and other amenities. It is built on sustainable practices, traditional First Nation values and community interests.

More about Cheam First Nation: The Xwchíyò:m Cheam First Nation (CFN) has been the founding First Nation of the Cascade Skyline Gondola Project given that the project’s infrastructure is located within their territory.  As part of the Pelólxw people, Xwchíyò:m Cheam First Nation is a major community within the broader S’ólh Nation. The Xwchíyò:m have lived in S’ólh Téméxw for thousands of years. They have never ceded or surrendered title to their lands, rights to their resources, or authority to make decisions within their territory.